Saturday, July 04, 2009

Hectic July

Hi peeps... It's been ages since the last update.. And here it goes to my crazy July... It's packed with "fun-filled" activities and "interesting" meetings... No words can describe this July.. It simply blows me away..

1 Jul: Duty in office
3 Jul: Aloha
6 Jul: Duty in office, Conference in the afternoon and Aloha at night
10 Jul: Aloha
12 Jul: Aloha
14 Jul: Meeting at HQ
16 Jul: Aloha
17 Jul: TWKs
18 Jul: TWKs
20 Jul: Aloha
21 Jul: Aloha
22 Jul: Meeting at HQ
23 Jul: Aloha
24 Jul: Dinner with colleagues
25 Jul: Aloha
30 Jul - 11 Aug: Reservist

Incredible schedule yea?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Once again, the TWKs have come up with the grand plan for this year..!!

Answering to Wans' call for a short trip, we are proposing a trip to the Indonesian island of BATAM! From our random calls, the response so far is not bad and we are extending the invitations to our TWKs in-laws..

Currently, things are still in the skeletal stage. And i've been appointed as the scout to recce the place... And for bobs, he'll be in charge of coordinating the event.. haha.. Otherwise, there's nothing much to do for now.. Pls wait patiently for the next update!!

Besides that, life's been fantastic for me... Everything is going on smoothly and there's even some unexpected results.. haha.. But work is as usual, a chunk of total madness... Piles and piles of stuff are waiting for me to look at them..

Wells, that's all for now.. Stay tuned for the latest update!! Cheerss

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Recent happenings

Life's been great recently.

Finally, i'm seeing some balance in my social life after setting my mind on reducing the number of outings that i had with my office peeps. Things are clearing up. And good progress is made.

Met up with the TWKs for the past two days. It has always been so comfortable hanging out with them and guess it's the only time where i can really let my hair loose after a tiring week at work. however, a regret is that wans is not able to join us due to the deadlines she has. Never mind, we'll meet up again before you leave for taiwan... I'll do the arrangements.. that's my promise to you guys..

here's some cool pictures to show u guys.. enjoy them :)

the one who failed to make it to the printer..

and the botched attempt...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Getting things back in order

Recently, my timetable has been topsy-turvy.. I am very suffocated with the numerous activities i had for the past few months and honestly, i know that i've neglected others. Now, i'm trying to get my life back in order again.. Pls give me some time.. I am still trying to sort things out.. It's been a crazy month..

I'll do something about it.. Hope you will understand...

my apologiess..

Monday, April 06, 2009

Oldy Mouldy

Back after a long long absence....

Wells, what can I say?? I'm in the mood to blog now!! Wahaha...

Work is starting to take a toll on me.. Not just the sheer amount of work that I've gotta clear everyday but also the numerous outings that I had over the past few months.. To be honest, I'm getting pretty drained out... A timely reminder from a friend brought me back to my senses.. For a moment, I was lost in the abyss; falling deeper and deeper. A gentle pull from a friend jolts me back to reality and that while I can try meeting up with everyone, but I'll just end up depleted and exhausted..

In addition, I'm no longer young and active as I was previously and all these outings have seriously taken a toll on me... Haha.. I'm aging... Oh gosh... While it is a process that can't be stopped, I will just have to hope that I'll age with grace and charm.. Wahaha...


Monday, January 26, 2009

A Happy CNY

Woohoo! it's the time of the year again. for some reason, i dun feel excited about chinese new year this year. the only thing that i was looking forward to was the pushing and squeezing action at chinatown. This year, as usual, we went to chinatown to chiong all the 果冻s. the crowd there is crazy mans.. they are pushing and shoving everyone in front of them just to move forward.. poor wans and hq.. they were sandwiched between the stall and the crowd..
after getting the jellies, we went to 长江 for a drink and light snack... then off to tabs for a drink..

everything just felt so natural in a routine sense. we will know where to go and what to buy.. wells, it's a nice night well spent with the TWKs... it's a pity that we are always short of sheryl as she is away for her annual holiday..

nvm!! just hope she'll be able to join us next year!! haha.. pictures will follow soon... keep a lookout for it.. haha


Monday, January 05, 2009


It was a huge lift. Upon entering it, one could see the panel of buttons on the left side while it was a gruesome view on the other side. A dentist’s chair was placed there and on the chair, one could see bloodstains in the shape of a human body. At that instance, one could almost visualize an actual murder taking place and feel the excruciating pain that the victim had felt. Algae and moss laced the surface of the chair and signs of neglect were evident. It felt as though countless murders had taken place there. A decaying odour filled the air in the life.

It stopped at the fourth storey and the incoming sight was horrendous. Nurses were pushing in trolleys with blood dripping from them. In each tub, there were corpses of little infants who had bruises and lacerations on their little frames. And they were placed in a fluid that was being dyed red by the blood. At that moment, I wished that I wasn’t there at all.

After what seems like decades, I reached my floor and exited the bloodied scene in the lift.

And I woke up… It was all a dream. Such a weird dream…